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Pneumatic Maintenance Products High Quality, Reasonably Priced, Compact, and Easy to Operate All the Tank With C.E.
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Why Wait machinery CO., LTD. was established in 1992. Originally, our company mainly manufactured waste oil drainer machine and oil exchanging equipment of oil extracting machines in order to meet requirements of domestic and oversea customers. At the time, it wasn't common that auto shops change oil and maintain car periodically, and this idea is still in the initial stage.

In recent years, the rising consciousness of consumers, quick-spreading knowledge and flourishing growth of the auto industry promote the prosperity of the auto maintenance market. Auto maintenance has become an indispensable element in auto industry.

Our company has more than 10 years of manufacturing and marketing experience. Under the leadership of our managing director, Mr. Ben-Why Liao, we constantly improve our products and pursue the best quality of our products. We have promoted the single function of our products to dual functions. Recently, we've even successfully developed the machine with three functions, saving business space and prime cost for our customers, which have gotten appreciation in the market.

Our products have done excellent performance in sales in domestic and oversea markets, thus, the quality and practicality of our products have been approved by the market.

Lately, we have successfully developed a flush machine for the A/C system. We've sold this product to well-known auto shop in domestic and it has received a very good reputation from these markets. Moreover, lots of foreign customers are attracted by its reputation and come to us for purchasing it. We are sure that A/C system maintenance will be the major trend in the auto maintenance industry in recent years, and it will bring lots of business opportunities to the auto maintenance industry.

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